The Power Of Words

Oh, where to start. I am really not sure.

I think I will start with a simple disclaimer. There are thousands of reasons for this post being made, and as a result, I want to apologize before I begin, as I am going to focus on a topic that has resulted in a lot of internet drama recently. I will link to the things that spawned this rant at the end.

A winnar is me

I fail at trying to blog even remotely often. Sometimes I get a few posts in within a fairly short amount of time, sometimes it takes nine months before anything pushes me to write.

I've long since wanted to turn this blog into something more technical oriented, but I think I'm going to abandon that desire, and instead use my other domain,, that has long been unused, and abused for random stuff, I'll be posting some stuff there soon, though soon could be weeks from now.

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Spam and sh*t

Just a quick note. It seems every time I don't check up on the site for a few months, spam comes in and pollutes everything. As a result, I've turned on moderation and verification stuff for creating accounts and posting comments. At some point in the next few months, I'll make it more open again, but less susceptible to spam. Hopefully...


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Stuff and Things

It has been too long, yet again. When we last met, I had revealed my plans to take some time off from DigiPen after the Winter semester. My plans changed to taking Winter semester off, and nearing the end of January, I think I have decided I am going to return in the fall. A break was needed, and a break is being used to its full potential. In other words, I am brewing beer again, and planning on doing so regularly. Part of this resurgence into brewing is all grain. I'll explain in more detail shortly.

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The State of Me

In the last few days I have discovered that I am beyond burnt out. I've pushed myself for a little over three years working and schooling full time, all while maintaining a house and trying to keep up on technology and work on side projects. My mind has stayed too busy and frayed in order to do any of those things anywhere near as effectively as I would like or am capable of. As a result, I think I'm ready to take some time off, and I don't think I'll return to DigiPen next year, in favor of recuperation and to spend some time figuring out what exactly it is that I want to do.

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OH F**K ...

Whoops. It's nearly October, and I haven't posted anything here since May. So, quick recap. Year three at DigiPen completed in April, I failed my first certification attempt at FITS (though just barely), and summer happened. Summer was fairly uneventful, aside from progressing with Tragic Little Aerospace stuff. In August, a press release went to Rocketry Planet without our knowledge and we've been kept busy since. PAX was a blast, comes and goes so quickly.

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Fire in the Sky 2010 Post Mortem

Fire in the Sky is the largest rocket launch event in Washington State. It spans about four days, starting the Friday before Memorial Day, and running into Memorial Day itself. Friday is a mixed day of research launches and some commercial flights. Saturday is when most of the fun stuff happens, Sunday has an awesome raffle, and things get wrapped up on Monday. I arrived a little after 5PM on Friday, and we all left around 8PM on Sunday, for reasons I will be getting to shortly.

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Artificial Consciousness

Today marks the end of day one of finals week of semester six at my tenure at DigiPen. Since A.I./S.I. are things I've talked about in the past, and intend to pursue further over the summer, I figure posting my "research" paper for sociology might not be a bad idea. I think there are a couple errors in the paper I need to fix, but rectifying those problems will have to wait until next week. For now, enjoy my brain dump.

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So long 2009. Good riddance.

I suppose this post is a little late, given the first day of the new year is over half over already. Oh well, I didn't get to bed until after 5am, woke up a little before noon, and the words are finally coming to me.

So, 2009. You provided some good memories, some loss, and has really just been a roller coaster of thrills. Or something. It was a good year for gaming. School has been rough, both semesters of the year. Lets hope 2010 is better.

But we all know about all that, why rehash it? On to the new news!

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